Hemp Processing

Hemp Processing

The ECE Liberating Mill enables single step industrial hemp decortication at rates not seen in the industry

Industrial Hemp Decortication

With the hemp industry taking off, one the largest challenges are processing this incredibly strong industrial material at a commercial level. ECE’s Liberator mill allows for the only single step decortication in the industry. Our Patented Liberator Mill allows for high volume decortication of any stalk material at 4-6 tons per hour.

The robust nature of the machine and patented inner core provides the opportunity to process wide variety of stalk with no changes to the equipment. Processing retted stalk, unretted stalk, sticks, buds, and even CBD bushy style stalk is no issue for the Liberator Mill, ultimately producing a softened bast fiber, hurd chip, and micro greens product ready for several different industries.

Whether you are looking for the textile grade fiber or woven grade fiber this mill caters to either industry with small adjustments the processor can make to the interior. This mill provides processors with a simple, easy to work with opportunity to turn the hemp industry into a reality.

  • The patented ECE Liberator can liberate the hemp hurd from bast fiber while downstream equipment within our system can further separate the materials into independent products
  • This multipurpose mill provides not only decortication, but drying capabilities, so wet processing for fiber strength is achievable
  • The simplistic yet efficient interior of the Liberating Mill has one moving part. This means no grates or screens to blind, heat up and wear, making it easily and ergonomically accessible with its clam-shell design
  • The cutting hammers are designed to have loose tolerances while being the only high wear item in the machine. This allows for extended run periods of up to 2000+ hours of hemp run time at 6,000 – 12,000 lbs. per hour before changing wear parts
  • The layout covers about a 1,000 sq. ft. footprint for the Core System

The ECE liberating mill provides customers the ability to process large volumes of hemp with almost no pre-processing, 90%+ up time, easy maintenance, and low-cost wear parts resulting in significant return on investment.  

We are happy to run your material in almost any form at our fullscale testing facility in Kansas City.


“The industry has been waiting for an easy to feed machine that actually decorticates.”

Jon Arkin – Hemp Machinery Sales Rep

“We are excited to finally be able to pursue the larger volume applications with a machine like The Liberator.”

Let’s process hemp.

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